HansHeat – transportable boiler rooms for every purpose

Transportable HansHeat heating plant is a ready-made boiler room that fits many purposes: all types of buildings, industrial and district heating. It’s also an cost-effective alternative to replace an aged heating system by a modern, eco-friendly solution. HansHeat is a turn-key solution: we transport the heating plant wherever you like and plug it in. Contact us for more information or fill in the formula to receive an offer for a tailored plant.

Environmentally friendly


A quality heating plant is an ecological and cost-effective choice. It lasts for tens of years and doesn’t need much maintenance. To make it even more natural, you choose our bio-plant to burn bio-fuels, such as wood chips or pellets.

Turn-key delivery


Our experienced team manufactures the heating plant according to your requirements in Orimattila, Southern Finland. We deliver it as a turn-key solution: just plug and play – the plant is ready for use.

Cost-effective heating


You can choose the fuel based on what is most effective for you. It can be either bio-fuels, like wood, wood chips, pellets or grain, or oil- or gas. Also a combination of two is possible.

HansHeat is a choice you can trust

HansHeat is a Finnish family company with roots in 1950s. The quality is based on our experienced team and using reliable parts. A right kind of boiler and burner in combination with high-quality control equipment quarantees that the plant runs smoothly year after year.

The power of the plant can vary between 30 kw and 7000 kw. You can choose a fuel of your choice, such as wood, wood chips, pellets or grain, oil or gas.