HansHeat heating quality around the world


We have built and delivered over 300 heating plants. A number of them have been exported overseas, to countries like USA, China, Russia, Saudi-Arabia and Bahrain. The size of varies between small 80 kW plants to 8 megawat district heating units.

We have delivered heating plants to e.g. the following companies:

  • Onninen Oy
  • Keravan Energia Oy
  • Nurmijärven Sähkö Oy
  • Elematic Oy
  • Twaenorth Technic 
  • Peab
  • YIT Oyj
  • Fortum Oyj
  • Ormax Oy
  • K. Hartwall Oy
  • Ingman Oy
  • Suur-Savon Sähkö Oy
  • Imatran Lämpö

See photos of Hansheat plants here.